{January 19, 2013}   Penis allergy

Sometimes our kids say the cutest things and you get all warm and fuzzy.  Or sometimes they say the funniest things and you repeat it to all your friends and family.  Then there are the times when they talk and you just want to hide under a rock because you are so embarrassed.  These are their stories:

We were all invited to a birthday party.  All the kids were having fun. When the mum of the birthday boy brought out the Angry Birds birthday cake, we all sang happy birthday and the candles were blown out. Good times!  The mum then turned to my middle son and asked if he was allergic to peanuts. He replied: No, I am allergic to penises. Of course, that got a huge laugh and got the party started,  so to speak.  

I apologized profusely but it was laughed off. You always wonder how your children will act at other people’s homes. Now I know!

The birthday boy’s two year old brother’s favourite word is now ‘ penis’. He says it all the time.  But, our friend,  ‘the mum’ swears that her little guy did not learn that word from us!

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