My four year old daughter loves wearing dresses.  She also loves when her and I dress alike. She’s insisting that we wear dresses everyday.  Except there’s only one problem with that. She looks way cuter in her outfits than me. She weighs about thirty pounds. I weight at least 100 pounds more than that (and then some). 
I need to lose some weigh. At least 10 pounds. Okay. Maybe fifteen.

Already, my darling daughter is competing with me. She asked her father, “Who looks prettier in their dress? Mummy or me? That was a tricky one to answer diplomatically. My husband said: Mummy, because she’s my wife. My daughter’s lower lip trembled. My husband said both of us were the prettiest. She was okay with that answer.
The truth is: She is beautiful. And I’m okay with that.


{February 27, 2013}   I am not a thief.

Friends of mine just had their second baby girl.  I love buying baby gifts. But, it’s difficult to buy a special gift for that same gendered baby.  I want it to be meaningful and/or practical.  So, off I go shopping with a couple of ideas in my head.

I went to several stores,  but nothing grabbed me. Finally,  I went into a specialty baby store, hoping to hit the perfect baby gift jackpot. I nodded hello to the only sales clerk in the shop and proceeded to browse  with my four year old daughter.  She was about to put her dirty boots on a kid sized chair when both myself and the sales guy reacted at the same time.  Disaster averted. 

Every time I took two steps to look at something new, the sales rep took two steps towards me. He had his eyes on me the whole time. Finally I walked the length of the store and continued up the other side.  Sales dude stayed on ‘his’ side of the store, but again, every time I took a step, he did too. It was weirding me out.  Finally, I couldn’t help myself and I said: Do you think I am going to steal something?  He replied ‘No’ but continued his behaviour.

 Even if I had LOVED something in the store, I wouldn’t have bought it because of him.

I wasn’t dressed like a total hobo! Does he do THIS to everyone?

Anyways, off to find the perfect gift… More specifically,  to BUY the perfect present. 

{January 21, 2013}   My anorexic 4 year old daughter

At what age can a child be diagnosed with anorexia?  My daughter just does not like to eat! Yes, she has energy and is growing.  But she is SO stubborn when it comes to food. It’s impossible to get her to eat when she decides that she does not want to.  Maybe it’s because she is my third child and I have no fight left in me, which explains  why she ALWAYS gets away with eating so very little.

My first born son has always been such a good eater from the day he was born. In the past, when my friends had had trouble getting their child to eat their dinner,  I used to smugly think that I was SUCH a good  parent. I mean, look at my kid eat! And, even today, at almost 10 years old, he out eats my husband and I, and you can still see his ribs sticking out of him! (For those who know us, my husband and I LOVE eating!) Nothing like one of your children humbling you. Maybe I am NOT such a great parent after all!

But, the truth is, you cannot and should not judge a parent’s abilities (or lack thereof) based on one or two parenting episodes. Unless of course they involve  letting the kid play in the middle of a busy road or sharing their bong with their toddler,  but I digress…



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