{February 28, 2013}   Buh-bye, ciao, au revoir, adios

The most tedious part of my job is at the end of the flight when passengers are deplaning and I have to stand at the boarding door and say good bye to everyone.  I try to send authentic and caring.  I alternate between saying “bye-bye”, “thank-you”,”take care”,”see you later”, and “have a good day”. Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

It’s definitely a nice touch when the captain stands next to me and greets the passengers adieu as well. The only time it gets interesting  saying goodbye to the gang is when we play the ‘glasses’ game. One of us only says goodbye to passengers wearing glasses and the other one only says ‘ciao’ to non-glasses wearers. We usually mess up and end up giggling. It’s fun! You should try it sometime.

Unless they are on their phones, passengers usually like to say their goodbyes as well. They like to tell us good bye or that they had a nice flight. Sometimes,  they turn into amateur pilots. They tell the flight crew, “Great landing!”…Everyone’s an expert!   Usually,  more times than not, the pilot replies, “I just get lucky sometimes” and then chuckles as I roll my eyes. Once, a pilot replied with a simple ‘thank-you’. I told him I appreciate him not saying the same stupid joke! 




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