I don’t know if you heard about the 5 month old baby girl  from India who was bitten on her face by her father last month.  Well, she died of her injuries 10 days later. Apparently, the father came home, had a domestic dispute with the mother and in a fit of rage,  bit part of his daughter’s lips, nose and cheek.  Oh yeah. He was drunk at the time. 

The baby was in the  hospital, having surgeries and fighting for her life. Unfortunately, when  her mother was breastfeeding her, the milk entered the little girl’s lungs and she died of complications.  The father (monster) was charged with murder. Not only is this incredibly sad. It is also disgustingly unbelievable

Forget the courts and lengthy trial, this man should be sent out into the woods and be shot to death like the wounded animal that he is. Or,better yet, put him out in the woods overnight with hungry wolves or coyotes and let him know what it is like to be eaten alive. 

Shockingly,  this is not the first time ‘something like this’ happened. In December. 2012, a 24 year old man in Trinidad came home after a long day at work. He demanded food from his woman. At the time, she was lying down with her 5 day old daughter fast asleep on her chest. The guy stomped off to the kitchen,  looked into the fridge and not finding anything to eat, went back to the room where his daughter was and bit off a  piece of her left cheek and fleshy right leg. Yes, that’s what he did.  Apparently,  THAT baby survived and the father is being evaluated for his mental state.

How are there people like this in the world?


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