{March 22, 2013}   The book of vomit.

It’s been seven days since my last blog. Forgive Father for I have sinned. Psych. What can I say?…life has been busier than usual. Our children’s nanny is away on her yearly holiday, which equates to a very busy momma.

As of last week,  all of my (ya right) spare time has been devoted, unfortunately, not to blogging, but to  trying to finish my non-fiction book for my monthly book club meeting. Or as my husband calls it, “Nerd club” (he’s just jealous). Well, my efforts turned out to be fruitless as it was the first time I ever came to book club without finishing the assigned book. I hold my head down in shame. Forgive me!

Of course, when our extra set of hands is away on vacation, my whole family becomes sick with the stomach flu.  I know that previously I had written about how amazing I thought our body was and how cool it is that the vomitus centre knows when we are going to be sick. Well, I’ve had a change of heart. No two ways about it, puking sucks. There is nothing cool or interesting about the act of puking.

Since I was last sick, my oldest son also joined the vomiting party. Then, my daughter decided to give a repeat performance in the upchucking show. Twice. I have been up to my elbows in changing pukey bed sheets and laundry galore. Not cool!

As I write this, I feel queasy. Oh oh. Here we go again! But, is that my vomitus centre warning me about an impending puking session or am I just having phantom stomach pains. Time will tell. Stay tuned…ha ha. 


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