{March 15, 2013}   Pen for your thoughts?

What is it with passengers who steal my pens? I mean really!

People are always asking to borrow my pens on flights,  especially routes where we have to hand out custom and declaration cards.

My airline does not provide me with pens to hand out to my passengers. I lend out the pens that I, ahem, borrowed from the hotels I stay at. During my layovers, I take my favourites. It’s the pens with the blue ink. Always the ones with the blue ink.

Whenever passengers ask to borrow some ink, I always reach into the inside pocket of my blazer and hand it to them. I look them straight in the eyes and say, “Could you please return it when you are done?”. They reply with a, “Yes, of course”. But, generally, they are liars.

Most of the time,  unless I chase them down and directly ask for MY pen back,  I can kiss my pen goodbye forever. Sometimes,  I get busy and I forget to ask.

I’ve walked by people using my pen and noticed them using it to scratch the inside of their ear or they have the pen in their mouths and are nibbling on it.

Other times, when I remember to ask for them for my pen, they go into their purse to retrieve it for me. Why is it in their purse if they were planning on returning it straight away? Hmm.

When I am really lucky, I ask them for my writing utensil and they tell me that  they already returned it…because all us flight attendants look the same. Right?

But, the real question is, why aren’t people travelling with a pen in their carry-on baggage when they know that they will have to fill out a form on the aircraft. 




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