{February 27, 2013}   I am not a thief.

Friends of mine just had their second baby girl.  I love buying baby gifts. But, it’s difficult to buy a special gift for that same gendered baby.  I want it to be meaningful and/or practical.  So, off I go shopping with a couple of ideas in my head.

I went to several stores,  but nothing grabbed me. Finally,  I went into a specialty baby store, hoping to hit the perfect baby gift jackpot. I nodded hello to the only sales clerk in the shop and proceeded to browse  with my four year old daughter.  She was about to put her dirty boots on a kid sized chair when both myself and the sales guy reacted at the same time.  Disaster averted. 

Every time I took two steps to look at something new, the sales rep took two steps towards me. He had his eyes on me the whole time. Finally I walked the length of the store and continued up the other side.  Sales dude stayed on ‘his’ side of the store, but again, every time I took a step, he did too. It was weirding me out.  Finally, I couldn’t help myself and I said: Do you think I am going to steal something?  He replied ‘No’ but continued his behaviour.

 Even if I had LOVED something in the store, I wouldn’t have bought it because of him.

I wasn’t dressed like a total hobo! Does he do THIS to everyone?

Anyways, off to find the perfect gift… More specifically,  to BUY the perfect present. 


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