{February 19, 2013}   V.I.P.

Lately I have had a few self proclaimed VIPs onboard, which, of course stands for Very Impatient Passengers and NOT Very Important People as they would like to believe. 

There are 3 types of VIPs. First, is the passenger who feels like he should be your number one priority and HIS needs come before anyone else’s. He flies often and knows what to expect, but he wants his newspaper BEFORE  you offer it and he wants his first cocktail BEFORE you get to his row. He’s like an excited 3 year old boy in the body of a business traveller. So, you give him what he wants and hope the other passengers don’t mind that he is monopolizing your time and that he is getting things out of turn.

The second VIP is the newly  pregnant woman who can’t put her luggage in the overhead bins because she is expecting. Throughout the flight, she keeps reminding you that she is with child. For example, when she gets up to use the lavatory for the 5th time… It’s because she is pregnant.  I don’t mind this type of  VIP. It’s kind of cute. But, I chuckle in the galley with the other flight attendants and tell them that when I was pregnant with my second child, I’d be carrying my toddler, my groceries AND the diaper bag up two flight of stairs.  But anyway…I try not to judge because you never know her story. Perhaps she has had a miscarriage in the past or has been trying to get pregnant for 2 years…you never know.

The final  VIP type is the family with the new baby. They bring everything but the kitchen sink onto the plane and make a big fuss and act like they are the first people EVER to travel with a baby. It’s quite hilarious to watch them in action. Both the mum and dad go into the tiny lav to change juniors diaper. So cute! 

The truth is, all these people  don’t have to make a big fuss to become my very important passengers as ALL my passengers are important to me. Especially the ones that bring me chocolates and money. Just kidding…sort of.


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