{February 13, 2013}   Deja Vu

In my line of work, it’s rare to fly with the same flight attendants and pilots all the time. You can imagine that it is even more rare to see the same passengers.  It’s pretty cool to recognize one and for them to remember you too.

I had an uber rich couple onboard who were nice enough. The flight attendant I was working with was too curious and wanted to know if they were ‘somebodies’ so she googled them. Sure enough,  they were indeed known around town (the area with money). About a month later, the woman was on my flight again.  I recognized her right away.  It was hard not to. She is tall, bottle blond, perfect body, big (fake) boobs, botox and oozing with bling. She also does not eat airplane food (smart woman). I mentioned to her that I remembered her and she said she remembered me too! Hooray!

No kidding. Three days later, I was flying the same route and I noticed a teenager with the same last name as my woman passenger.  Sure enough,  it was her son! What are the odds! How fun! Seriously, I have seen this family more than I have seen my own lately!  



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