{February 12, 2013}   I swear, it’s true.

Flying could be a stressful event for just about anybody.  Now, imagine a family with a 3 year old boy and twin 6 month old girls. Shoot me now! 

I had THAT family onboard the other day. The mum was freaking out as she boarded the aircraft about how she was waiting in line to check in for the flight for over 2 hours and the family did not even get seats together (by the way…you can’t always believe everything passengers say…they lie or exaggerate). I told her not to worry and that I would make sure they all sat together.  You know, kill them with kindness. 

Meanwhile, she is ranting and raving loudly all the way to her seat. Oh yeah. She is also swearing like a sailor. Fuck this and Fuck that.

To make matters worse, the gate agent comes rushing onto the aircraft saying that he forgot to get one of the twin girl’s information and needs the baby’s passport.  He asks the mum for it and she starts freaking out again and cussing. The gate agent tells her to calm down and that sets her off again. He left the airplane  to process the passport info.  Suddenly,  one of my flight attendants comes rushing towards me telling me about this mum  passenger who is disturbing all the other people onboard and that I need to deal with her.

I rush over to her and try to calm her down.  I tell her not to worry about the passport as I WILL NOT close the aircraft door until she has that passport. Then I tell her to please watch her language as there are a lot of children onboard. Which, of course is ironic, because SHE has 3 children sitting with her! 

In the end, the stress head calmed down. But, if this is how she acts and talks in public,  could you imagine how she behaves in her own home? Even her husband and little boy seemed to be afraid of her. I try not to judge people based on one incident,  but it’s pretty hard not to in this instance.  I hope her holiday was more relaxing than her flight home. 


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