{February 7, 2013}   Scarf Attack

I hate scarves.  I really hate scarves.  I don’t mean the wooly wintery type ones that keeps you warm.  I have no problems with those.  It’s the silky flight attendant ones that I despise.

Those scarves used to be optional to wear with our old uniform.  So, I never wore them. Then we got new ones and the scarves became mandatory. 

I don’t know how to wear a scarf without looking like a total idiot or an old lady. I figure the only way to tie a scarf and look semi cool is to tie it around your neck. But I have a strong gag reflex. Just ask my dentist. Or my husband.  Ha ha!  I can’t have anything around my neck without choking.  Nope. Can’t even wear a turtleneck. 

So where does that leave me? Scarf-challenged. Unlike so many of my flight attendant colleagues who appear to be professional scarf tyers, or so it seems.  Once again,  I am not cut out for this flight attendant gig. I must have been absent on scarf tying day at flight attendant school.

Let us all unite and rid ourselves of scarves. Burn scarves burn! Or just recycle them. There must be some idiot old lady flight attendants out there in the need of some scarves.


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