{February 5, 2013}   I’ll drink to that!

As a flight attendant,  I do tend to serve a lot of beverages. People generally order the same type of drinks: Coke,  water, gingerale,coffee, wine, etc. Every now and then, people ask for an unusual combination.  I ask, “In the same glass?”. They reply with a sly ‘yes’.

I have been asked for a beer and clamato juice combo, orange and apple juice mix (not that bad!) and even a tomato and orange juice drink.

Just today,  I served up a glass of milk and orange juice (creamsicle anyone?). I gave a red wine and Sprite spritzer today to a business class passenger (what a waste of good red wine!).

I’ve even heard of a refreshing gingerale-tomato juice concoction.  Well, if you insist!

I hate putting Coke in a baby bottle. That is just wrong.

Some people mix drinks in their stomach.  Within a span of an hour, they will order a Caesar (Clamato juice and vodka) as an apperatif,  a few glasses of red wine with dinner,  and a coffee with Baileys with dessert.  Oh. Get me a cognac too, please. If only your stomach could talk…

Passengers love playing the ‘guess how I take my coffee’ game. They’ll ask for a cup of Joe.  I’ll ask them how they take it. They’ll think for a moment. And then reply, “with cream”. As I give them what they asked for and then start to walk away,  they’ll ask for a sugar.  Once I deliver the sugar, they will ask for another cream. Then, as a last ditch effort,  they will ask for another sugar.  Dude, why didn’t you just ask for a double double to begin with? 

My favorite non-alcoholic beverage on board is 3/4 cup of orange juice with a splash of cranberry juice and soda water over ice. Delicious! 

Despite my resolution,  I said an inappropriate thing on the airplane again today, even though I have been SO good lately. (see my Blog entry: Open mouth, insert hand). Yup! It was another pregnant woman. This time, I DIDN’T ask a woman if she was pregnant.  Instead,  I was guilty of not noticing that she was indeed pregnant.  I just thought she was fat. This is how it went down: While we were still on the ground, she used the lavatory.  As she exited, she said, “In a 3 hour flight,  I will probably go 4 times. My bladder is shrinking. ” I thought it was an odd thing for a fat lady to say but replied, “That’s good! THAT means you are drinking a lot of water.  Or…other liquids, like wine”. She, looked at me like I was an idiot and sat back down.

What’s worse? Telling a non-pregnant woman that she is pregnant?  Or not noticing and thinking a pregnant woman is just fat? You know…like the chicken or the egg riddle.


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