{February 4, 2013}   How not to leave your cell phone charger in your hotel room.

I am always hearing about flight attendants leaving personal items behind in hotel rooms.  Generally,  we are not in hotel rooms for very long.  Sometimes, we are there just long enough to sleep. Other times,  we have time to sight see or go out to dinner.

When it is time to check out of our room,  we have to pack quickly, as the shuttle bus or taxi is picking up the entire crew at a specific time and we can’t be late.

Ideally, it’s best to pack the night before, but sometimes it is not to be.  I am either too tired or lazy. But, I have never left behind anything at checkout.  Not a sock nor a lipstick.  Everything gets packed away. 

This how I do it. When, I am getting ready in the morning,  I work from the area furthest away from my hotel door and keep moving my things with me as I move about. For example,  when I wake up, I take my cell phone and charger and whatever else is on my night table with me and put it in another pile of my stuff that is that much closer to the door. 

Then, after my shower,  as I am getting dressed, I pack things and again, keep inching my belongings closer to the door. So, when I go to a new area in my room, I never have to look back, because I know I took everything with me. 

It works every time. Do you need to borrow my cell phone charger again?


Linda Shear says:

Great advice.

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