{February 3, 2013}   Stop calling me!

My eldest son answered the phone yesterday and starting talking to Dad. Or, at least that is what he called the person on the other end. After about a minute, he handed the phone to me and ‘my husband’ said, “Hello, Ma’am. I am calling about your duct cleaning” I immediately hung on this man with his thick East Indian accent. How did my son think that was his father!

Nothing irks me more than my weekly duct cleaning calls. I don’t know if it is various companies calling me or just one trying out their luck every week. I used to pride myself on never actually hanging up on telemarketers. After all, they are just doing their job, right? In the past, I used to say “No thank-you” and then hang up. But these duct cleaning guys get under my skin.

I’ve tried to play nice. I’ve said “No, please don’t call me again” or “I will never say yes. Stop calling!” I’ve tried “I live in an apartment building. I do not have ducts” Or “You can’t call me! I am on the do not call list” Nothing works.

My husband used to pass the phone to the kids when they were toddlers and let them talk ‘to the nice man’. We would walk away as we’d hear ” Who dat? What your name? Wanna hear a song? Twinkle twinkle…”

Our neighbours have tried saying “Quack quack. We don’t have any ducks living here” Nothing works!

Perhaps, I need to write down their company name and info and actually report them to the ‘do not call list’ people. I don’t even know how to do this. I did use duct cleaners once after our basement renovation. Funnily enough, I got a random call back then about duct cleaning and I said, “Great! Good timing. When can I book an appointment?”

If it is THAT company from 4 years ago, then I guess they are allowed to call me since I did business with them once. But, if it is anyone else, STOP CALLING ME!

Does anyone else get repeated calls from duct cleaning. And if so, have you found a way for them to stop calling you? I am desperate! They call so often that my oldest son thinks the caller is his father!


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