{February 2, 2013}   Wash your hands, please.

It shouldn’t come as a complete surprise that airplanes aren’t exactly the cleanest places in the world. So, all those people walking around the airplane and going to the bathroom barefoot…not a good idea. I am not a germaphobe or anything, but that’s pretty disgusting.

I see the people who come on board to clean the lavs and mop the floors. Let’s just say that it doesn’t get sanitized every flight.  Or every other flight for that matter. Ho Hum. Actually,  certain destinations,  like the Caribbean has a cleaning team who comes onboard and does a great job. And some cities…not so much. 

You, the passenger, don’t make the aircraft any cleaner either. Dude,  I am in the galley just outside the lav.  You go in and use the facilities and are out again 3.7 seconds later. I am still outside the toilets.  I did not hear the sink running in the 3.7 seconds you were in there. Seriously! Wash your hands! Or turn the sink on and at least pretend to wash your hands. Surprise. Surprise. The guiltiest culprits are the men and the children.

Then there are the ones that go in with their reading material and are in the lavatory for a LONG time. 

Finally, what’s up with our business class passengers who fly with us all the time who DO NOT flush the toilet.  I refuse to believe that after all the miles you have flown, that you don’t know how to flush the toilets on the airplane. Or do you, take satisfaction from leaving your waste in the toilet for another to discover and flush for you? Shaking my head


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