{January 24, 2013}   Oh what a life!

Being a flight attendant and a mum is not that hard to juggle. People who don’t know much about our profession think that we are never home and it must be hard always being away from  the kids. Yes, we might miss some events, like a school play or our kid’s soccer game. But, at the end of the day, I am home more than a nine to fiver mum. Instead of seeing my children for a few hours every day, I see them for an extended period of time when I am on days off. I don’t have to rush home and cook dinner at 5 pm. I get to shop for my groceries on a Tuesday afternoon. I even get a few hours to myself in our home every now and then when the kids are in school and I have a day off. I also get to volunteer at their school and go on school trips. Life is good!

Nope, I wouldn’t trade my job for any other job. I still love flying and traveling.  I STILL think after all these years that it is exciting!  Every day I go to work, I never know what to expect.  It could be a thunderstorm and a red alert that shuts down the airport. Or it could be a mechanical problem on the airplane and an unexpected layover in a warm destination. We get to meet all sorts of people from many different countries and backgrounds.  Every day is an adventure. 

I go to work with a positive attitude and ready to take on whatever comes my way. When I completed my initial flight attendant training 15 years ago, I remember my instructor telling us that if we wanted to be flight attendants,  we need to accept that with our crazy work schedule that we must be prepared for anything.  Even, be prepared to be the only person that does not show up at our own dinner party. 

I have missed a few dinner parties over the years. But, no worries! There is always the next one.


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