{January 17, 2013}   Haunted hotel room

I checked into my hotel room the other night and as soon as I stepped in, I felt uneasy. Firstly, it smelled like wet dog, but there were no pets allowed. I instantly noticed that the telephone next to my bed was unplugged. That was weird. I plugged it in but could not get a dial tone. I never normally do this, but I started checking in closets, under the bed and in the shower for the boogie man. I called front desk on the other phone in my room to let them know about the broken phone when THAT broken phone started ringing. Holy crap. I felt like I was in a Scooby Doo episode. I picked up the other receiver but there was still no dial tone. I’m outta here! I was feeling pretty shook up but knew that the hotel was sold out and there were no more rooms to be had. I sat down at the desk, to write some of my thoughts down to calm myself, and on the hotel note pad, I could see the imprint on the paper from the last person in the room who had used the same note pad as me. It was hard to read it but I could have sworn that part of it read: Help me. Oh boy! Not sure how I was able to sleep that night!


Karen says:

FREAKLY! OK once you are back home, safe and sound, go rent the movie 1408. I still get scared thinking of that movie. And I refuse to see Paranormal Activity.

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