{January 17, 2013}   Excuse me sir! I mean Ma’am

A cross-dresser came on board the aircraft the other day.  He was wearing a lovely dress,  beautiful earrings and a face full of make-up. But, she was obviously a man. Her hair was shoulder length but receding.  She had killer legs!  I felt bad for her but also happy.  Sad because it must be very difficult to feel like you don’t belong in your own skin and feel uncomfortable in your own body.  It must have been very difficult to grow up with that confusion.  But,  I felt happy for her because despite the stares or what other people thought, she had the courage to dress in a feminine way that made her happy and at peace with who she was. Good for you,  girlfriend! 


flightmum says:

It WAS not Steven Tyler on my flight 😉

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