{December 24, 2012}   Sandy Hook Massacre

I have to admit. I am having trouble ‘getting back to normal’ after the tragedy.  It’s really hard to accept that these senseless killings happened.  Not that the other school shootings were less tragic, but this one seems to affect me more. It feels a little closer to home, as I have a kindergarten kid and a grade 2 kid. You have to be really messed up to convince yourself that shooting up a grade one class of innocent children is a good idea. I mean, really!

I can almost understand when a messed up teenager guns down his school bullies. Still wrong,of course. But, going into a random grade school and looking at beautiful 7 year olds that you never met, and gunning them down…I can’t comprehend that.

I have heard of too many schools shootings in my life. Enough. I’ve had enough.  If I never hear of another one, I would be very happy.



Agreed. says:

You’re right. It’s too horrific to process. That’s why most people don’t think about it, or know how to think about it. I can’t believe it either. I can’t imagine what type of mind set it takes to do it.

You’re lucky you’re not around to hear the NRA’s newest response to it. You’d puke. If there was an ever an organization deserving of disbandment, it’s that one.

What’s worse is that if you go into any school, you’ll see that they aren’t equipped for dealing with things like that. The classroom doors are often wooden, with huge windows in them, and the “lockout” protocols designed to ensure student safety often involving herding students into rooms that can’t be locked. Truly a policy for policy’s sake.

People who make decisions in the best interests of kids often don’t think about things like this actually happening – for the same reason we don’t – it’s just too horrific. But they shouldn’t have that luxury. And we need to demand better.

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