{December 24, 2012}   Sandy Hook Massacre

I have to admit. I am having trouble ‘getting back to normal’ after the tragedy.  It’s really hard to accept that these senseless killings happened.  Not that the other school shootings were less tragic, but this one seems to affect me more. It feels a little closer to home, as I have a kindergarten kid and a grade 2 kid. You have to be really messed up to convince yourself that shooting up a grade one class of innocent children is a good idea. I mean, really!

I can almost understand when a messed up teenager guns down his school bullies. Still wrong,of course. But, going into a random grade school and looking at beautiful 7 year olds that you never met, and gunning them down…I can’t comprehend that.

I have heard of too many schools shootings in my life. Enough. I’ve had enough.  If I never hear of another one, I would be very happy.



{December 19, 2012}   Flight attendant lottery

Woo Hoo!  I got Christmas off! I have never held Christmas off before in the 15 years working for the airline.  Except for when I was having babies and was on maternity leave.

It really does feel like winning the lottery!  I didn’t expect to hold Christmas off for at least another 5 years. The airline never takes a day off. People fly places on Christmas day.  Somebody has to work those flights. As you can imagine, majority of my co-workers want to be home with their family to celebrate Christmas.  Not only do we want Christmas day off,  we also want to be home for the entire 2 weeks of the holiday season  like the teachers.  So, the new/junior flight attendants usually get the first 2 weeks off in December and work like a dog for the last 2 weeks of the month with one day off. That was me. But, if you embrace the unavoidable and actually ask to work Christmas,  you can get some pretty awesome layovers. The last 2 years, I spent Christmas in Montego Bay, Jamaica and Santiago,  Chile,  respectively. I wasn’t with my family,  but at least I was basking in the sun. Christmases prior to those,  I was in denial about about having to work Christmas and therefore got assigned Florida turns every day. That blows.

So, yes, I have paid my Christmas dues over the years and this holiday season,  I will be enjoying my two weeks off and  Christmas with my family. Maybe we will go away with the other spoil sports and sympathize with the junior flight attendants who have to work Christmas AGAIN.  Next year,  I might have to go back to being one of them. The airline industry is so finicky.  I might not get Christmas off next year. So, this year, I shall enjoy it.

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