{October 29, 2012}   Meet the teacher – bad kid style

We got a note in the agenda to meet our middle son C ‘s teacher.  Uh oh! Six weeks into the school year and it’s time to face the music.  Last year,  however,  in grade 1, we got called in to see the teacher at week 3 and week 5, so perhaps things are looking up! This year’s teacher tells us that our son fidgets,can’t sit still and hits others.  Hmm…not all bad?! But, his teacher says that his son also does the same and he also got called in to see his child’s teacher.  I really like this teacher.  My oldest son, H had him two years ago. The teacher said H was a perfect student in his eyes.  Thankfully,  he realizes that my two sons are individuals and he does not expect them to be the same.  If he did, we’d be screwed!  C. has big shoes to fill. C. gets caught up with ‘the bad kids’ and does not know how to control himself. The teacher’s mantra is: Don’t be a sheep. Be a Sheppard. Baaah!


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