{October 13, 2012}   Double nanny duty

I was working a flight the other day and you could see this family coming from a mile away. There was a mom,dad,an almost 2 year old, a 3 month old baby and two nannies. Yes, 2 nannies. All for a one hour flight.  They arrived at the aircraft with their double stroller, double car seats, and double nannies. The dad explained to me that he purchased 6 seats on the aircraft.  Had he left the nannies at home,  he could have only purchased 2 seats with each of the babies on the parents’ laps. I guess some people have way too much money!! The mom looked fabulous with her size two designer clothes. The nannies sat next to the babies during the flight which allowed for the mom to chill and the dad to read a book. Lucky parents.  Parenthood is so exhausting! The almost 2 year old was in the first row of economy and was chatting away quite loudly the whole flight.  The guy right in front of her, in business class kept glancing at her, willing her to shut it. It was quite hilarious to watch. 


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